21 February, 2010

Eva Braun, Life With Hitler


 A new biography on Eva Braun, Hitler's girlfriend, is coming out soon. Written by Heike Görtemaker, Eva Braun: Leben mit Hitler (Life with Hitler) might not be getting great reviews by the critics but this last paragraph of a rather harsh review really made me want to read more about this woman. From ForeignPolicy.com
...there is a lot that Görtemaker and the rest of us do not know. With so little to go on, [Eva] Braun still appears to be more metaphor than flesh and blood. Her blankness is her defining characteristic. Braun can be, and was ... a stand-in for the unquestioning wives of the officers who carried out Hitler's orders -- even for the nation of Germany itself. Or, if you'd like to take it further, for the wives of politicians who stand by loyally as their husbands drag us into war, women who marry serial killers serving life sentences in prison, or every woman who defends the boyfriend who brutalizes her night after night. We don't understand these women, just as we still don't quite understand how that whole Nazi Germany thing happened, no matter how much we analyze the historical record.


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