19 January, 2011

Goose Creek Plantation, North Carolina

This is a photo of two slave children at Goose Creek Plantation from my post  First Hand Accounts Of American Slavery In The 19th Century. I found the following information about Goose Creek Plantation in this book by Michael James Heitzler.

"Thomas Monck owned Goose Creek plantation during the eighteenth century. In September of 1739, Monck offered a reward of forty shillings each for the return of three Gambian Negroes. He was one of the few slave owners who branded their slaves. In an advertisement in the South Carolina Gazette of March 12, 1736, he offered a reward of five pounds local currency for the return of an Angola Negro named Gudja. He described him as being 'branded on his right breast T Monck.' In January of that year, he advertised for the return of a slave named Sampson 'to me at my plantation in Goose Creek.'"


Anonymous said...

I believe Goose Creek Plantation was in South Carolina, not North Carolina. Moncks Corner, SC is named for him. Further information on him can be found at http://genealogytrails.com/scar/berkeley/history.html He apparently was one of the few owners that actually branded his slaves.

Pamela said...

Goose Creek is definitely in South Carolina. The author of the book you mentioned, Michael Heitzler, is the Mayor.

D said...
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D said...

Goose Creek is in Charleston, SC. This photo states the photo was taken at Goose Creek Plantation, Charleston, S Carolina.


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